Ole and Johanna Stenoien

Gena, Gilbert, Sam, Inga, Pete, Ole, Bestefar, Petra, Bestemor, Thilda, Judith, Selmer, Russell

Jerald relates, “Bestefar was alot like my Dad, and even me. He didn’t say alot. Every once in awhile, he would ask me, “Do you know Jesus?” It scared me. I hadn’t yet make my decision. I would start to whistle and try to change the subject.”

“The only time that he ever got upset with me was one time when he, Bestemor and I were riding into town. When we drove up to the grain elevator, he got up and asked, “Where’s my hat?” He had put his hat in the back seat, and I was sitting on it. He was more than a little perturbed, punched that hat out and stalked angrily off to the elevator.”

Photo of Ole P. and Johanne Stenoien in their Sunday best about 1935.