Robert Henry Graham – Early Family in America

John (1710 – 12/18/1796) and Elizabeth (Smilie) Graham (1712 -)immigrated to Cumberland (now Hoke) County, North Carolina in 1766.They settled on Mountain Creek, in the far western part of the county. Very little is known about the family. He did have a post office in his home, “Montrose.” This was, interestingly enough, the name of the titular head of the Graham/Graeme clan in the Scottish Highlands. One may surmise that John Graham was an important member of the clan based upon his local standing as well as the prominence of many of his relatives, but there is scant evidence remaining to substantiate this.

Children:    Archibald Graham

*Alexander ‘Squire Alex’ Graham

Isabelle Graham (last name Martin, referenced in John Graham’s last will and testament)

Margaret Graham married Daniel ‘Buffalo’ Patterson

Elizabeth Graham (did not marry)

Tabitha Graham (no further records)

Alexander Graham (10/13/1756 – 12/22/1845) married Margaret “Peggy” McFarland (3/13/1763 – 7/23/1844).
Children:    Alexander ‘Uncle Sandy’ Graham II married Annie McFarland

*Robert Graham (1800 – 1884) married Mariah Thomas (native of New Jersey)

Margaret Mary Graham

Duncan McFarland Graham (1803-1878)

John H. Graham

Nathaniel Graham

William Graham

George Graham

Mary Graham

Elizabeth Graham

Catherine Graham

Nancy Graham

Walter Graham

The family attended church at Ashpole Presbyterian Church in present day Rowland, Robeson County, North Carolina. The national historic registry recognizes this church.

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