The Murry Family

Grandma Allie Bell Parsley Murry was a full-blooded Indian, Chickasaw and Cherokee nations. Her father, William Porter Parsley, was an Indian agent in Oklahoma who worked for the department of the Interior. He wanted to marry an Indian girl, but it was against regulations. He proceeded to kidnap his bride, Martha Anne “Mattie” Boatright, 13 years of age. He took her across the Red River into Texas, where he lived for several years. At that time, he re-applied and once again was an Indian agent in Oklahoma. Mattie and William had 18 children.

Allie Parsley married Henry ‘Sherman’ Murry. He apparently was a troubled lad, and ran away from home to escape punishment for unknown sins. According to grandson Howard Murry, he was a carpenter, but not a good one. He was a saloon fiddler, but not a good one. 

Allie was one of the gentlest people that ‘Mimi’ Lois Cherry ever knew. She never said a bad word about anyone, and like many Indians, was incapable of telling a lie. The closest she ever came to saying anything bad about particularly nasty folks, was to turn her head away and say, “Uhhhh.”