Stenoien Home Page

Welcome to the Stenoien Family Web Site Home Page! My name is Randy Stenoien and this project continues with its third website iteration over the past 20 years.  My intentions are to share with you our collected family history information (including family trees, anecdotes and stories, world history as it pertains to our ancestors, photos and ultimately audio/video presentations) and maintain current family web sites. 

I have organized the website with a public and private access in order to preserve confidentiality. Historical information will have public access; I hope to make this available to those in our family who are not aware of this website. Any contemporary information will be maintained on the private side, with user name and password access required. Your user name and password will allow you to see posts only for your extended family.

To everyone: thank you for all of your interest and help!

If you would like to send me information about yourselves and your families, there is a blog entry that you may use. Only members of the our familyies will be able to see this information. I hope to make it possible for the widely dispersed members of our family to get to know each other a little better. 

I can also provide a link to in order for you to see our compiled family tree, and even add to it!

This is a friendly site. The Stenoien family has always displayed Norwegian virtues of privacy and mutual respect. I have no desire to offend anyone. If you feel that any of the material on this site is either inappropriate or violates your sense of privacy, please e-mail me and the information will be immediately deleted.

“Memory is the most paradoxical of the senses, at the same time so powerful that even that the most fleeting impressions can be stored, forgotten completely, and then reproduced in perfect detail years later, and yet so unreliable that it can play us completely false.” (Peter Fenwick, M.D. neuropsychiatrist, Institute of Psychiatry of London). It is incredible the number of contradictory stories one digs up over time, from oftentimes reliable sources. My intentions are to present the truth; I apologize for any shortcomings and welcome well-informed corrections.